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"A definite must have if you spend hours and hours on the water and constantly brave the elements in the pursuit of that once in a lifetime fish."

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Selected by Louie Stout as one of 5 products in Bassmaster Magazine's 2004 Bassin Accessories "Too cool not to mention"



"The uses are endless. It is a portable awning that is lightweight but heavy duty. Totally adjustable sun and weather protection on demand . . . " Bob Macaulay, RCR Yachts


"The Mantis is a truly innovative way to put about 12 square feet of sun and rain protection wherever you need it in your cockpit, but only when you need it. The Pro Model is highly adjustable, sturdy, and yet quickly folds into a 38" x 6" x 5" bundle." Ben Ellison, SAIL Magazine



 "Mounted it on my 2012 Hobie Mirage Oasis tandem just aft of the scupper holes. Performance: This thing is over-engineered in a good way. Built to last. Extremely sturdy mount. The bimini adjusts to any position needed, all while sitting in my boat".  Patricia, NV.

 "Love the Mantis Bimini top, Easy install, easy to take on and off and put up while on the water. Strongly suggest it for those who love the water but need to get out of the sun."   Randy, CA



"I purchased my Mantis Pro almost 2 years ago and it has been all that I had hoped it would be. Summer's are simply brutal these days . . . for everyone else.  For me, I am quite comfortable as my Mantis keeps me cool in the heat and dry in the rain.  If I had your business cards, I would gladly pass them out to all of my fishing buddies.  In short, I LOVE MY MANTIS!" Thomas, SC.


"You rank #1 in OUTSTANDING Customer Service. Thanks for ALL." Dale, LA.

Excerpts from July, 2009 Discussion on

Chaunc: "Check these [Mantises] out. I have 2 on my boat. Kind of pricey but they work very well. I have the Mantis.

"They are very well made and well worth the price. I bought my first one about 5 seasons ago and its still in excellent shape. Bought the second one last year for my GF. Just didn't feel right letting her sit in the hot sun while i was in the shade. "

"Hey Guys,
I agree with Chaunc! I have a pro-tech mantis original and it is one of the best investments I've made. Not only does it keep the sun off your head, it works well in rain. I know they are a bit expensive, but they are very well made, not affected by the wind so much as an umbrella and well worth the price. I don't have any extra money to spend, but I would do this again in a heart beat."
You have a good point about fishing under a cover with long poles. The nice thing about the pro-tect mantis is that each side folds in. So if you are fishing to the left and catch a fish, you simply reach up, release the bracket and the shade pulls back out of the way.

The other issue about these things being nothing more than a sail - this particular product is designed in such a way as to minimize that effect. Yes, if the wind gets up to 15 or 20 mph it will catch it, but it should be taken down in that case any way.

"I love the product, I'm not associated with the company in any way, I don't sell them, I just think they make fishin more enjoyable during those hot sunny days."

  "I installed the Mantis. It is absolutely the cat's meow! Really, really neat. Very high quality components. I am totally impressed. My hat goes off to whomever designed this entire unit. Very sleek. It installed in 5 minutes. My wife and I love it" Jerry K, GA


“I have installed the Mantis a few days ago and it looks spectacular! I love the way it unfolds. It does exactly what I was hoping to accomplish.” Ronald, MA


“Thanks for the quickness and helpfulness with my order and I will recommend you to everyone around here after they all see the coolest shade ever!  Have a great day.” Nancy, CO  


“I'm impressed how well its made and how you can position it w/o much trouble and no problem in getting in the way. It also can be totally removed in a few seconds. So far it looks pretty good and, and for me ....well worth the money.”  Bill, MA


“I’ve never liked the full bimini as it restricts my view.  The Mantis gives just enough protection without restricting visibility.  A brilliant product!   Well done again.” Bill, FL


"We are enjoying the top. Hope you are getting some calls, lots of interest The bimini is back in the boat house." Regards, Frank & Capt. Barbara, GA coast


"I love my Mantis, it works so much better than my bimini top. . .much more room to cast." Terry, IA


"We just received the new Pro-Techt Mantis seat shade. WHAT AN INCREDIBLE ITEM! All I can say is that someone has finally figured out a device for fisherman that fish in the heat of summer. It is easy to install (took me about 3 minutes), does NOT inhibit your fishing and is easily stowed and deployed, less than 2 minutes from fully extended to in the rod locker." Brian, Guide, NM


"I got to try the Mantis to protect me from the rain. It was a calm day with a light drizzle and rain. I put up the Mantis ... It worked great!!! It was like standing under a patio cover and looking out at a rain storm. It really made the day more enjoyable."  Norval, CA


"I've mounted the Mantis on the front and rear pro seats on my Triton 190 FS. They're terrific! They store nicely in my front deck compartments and are very easy to use. . . with the many adjustments that can be made, the Mantis has provided shade protection without hindering my fishing activities" Lee, TX


I have a golf cart that had no top on it.  I have been waiting for someone to create a product that would fit my needs.  Your Mantis is that product.  I have received numerous compliments on it and it has only been on one week.  When I ordered the Mantis I was not sure how I was going to mount it.   Your staff was more than helpful in e-mailing me pictures of different mounts.  I'm sending you pictures of the way I mounted it.  Please feel free to use these in the marketing of your product.  I feel this shows the versatility of your product. From one satisfied customer, Paul and Sandy  

 “Got my Mantis today.  Very impressive.   Great quality and workmanship . . . I thank you for something I will use most every day on the water.” Randy, WA 


“We really love our Mantis Portable Shade tops and they look good on our Bennington pontoon boat.”  George & Linda, TN

 “I wanted to inquire about possibly being a distributor or rep for your product in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.  A friend of mine recently bought the Mantis Pro + for his boat and it is an awesome product.  He recently had a melanoma removed and was sold immediately by the UV protection.  I’m not sure why everyone doesn’t own one.” Gene, OK

 “A little history on why I purchased your Mantis Pro +     My closest friend and best looking fishing buddy for over 35 year has been my wife.  She was placed on medication that, when  she is exposed to direct sun light for even short periods, causes her skin to break out in unsightly blotches.  My  constant fishing companion all but disappeared from my favorite activity and my favorite activity was also slowly disappearing from my life.  When I saw one of your ads in one of the many fishing magazines I read (I believe it was 'Bassin'), I checked out your web site and ordered the Pro + for her seat.  It arrived two days after I placed the order. To my surprise, in front of my wife and children, I attached the mount to the seat in less than 5 minutes.  When I pulled the Mantis out of the box, mounted it to the bracket, and opened it up (all easier tasks than I'd imagined), my wife's eyes and face lit  up. Before I could say anything, her eyes filled with tears of joy and I knew I had my life long fishing partner back.  At first I thought your product to be a little pricey and held off purchasing it.  If I would have know the joy it brought not only to her and I, but to our children, I'd have paid three times as much.  THANK YOU for giving us back a very important part of our relationship and for a great product.  If you are in need of a sales rep. in the Chicago area, drop me a line. Once a customer sees your product, closing a deal would be a no brainer.”   Thanks Again,   Joe  

 “The Mantis is also great in the snow. We experienced two days of moderate snowing and the Mantis kept me dry. Everyone was jealous and wet. It is good to be the king.  My overall appraisal, the Mantis will be a permanent fixture.”  Jacob, NV  

 “Your umbrella has to one of the better ideas.  This shade control allows my wife too go fishing a lot more in the hot summer months”  Thanks. Phil, AZ 

“Thank you so much for the Mantis canopy. It arrived a few days ago (very efficient!) and is perfect for what my daughter needs. Thank you once again for organising its prompt shipment.” Ginetta, Sydney, Austrailia 

“This top is really a must have for any fisherman.  I may attempt to market these as I really believe these are the answer.”  Gene, Outfitter, CA  

“The Mantis is the greatest thing to come down the pike since the paddle!”  Capt. Marian, Kayak Outfitter, FL 

“I received the Mantis!!! What a lovely product you have!!! Amazing!!! and the packaging too!! The color perfectly matches my canvas, I am really happy with it and thank you so much!! Once installed in my boat, all my dockmates will want one, can I sell them or just re-direct them to you?“ Dan, VA

“OK, yesterday was the first day that I have able to get out, and that there was bright sunshine (at least first part of the day and into the hot hours) and I had the chance to use this product. I loved it! VERY easy to use, put up/take down, store but really nice to be under in the hot sun.  I didn't feel like it got in the way.  In playing with other things in the boat, I was already uncomfortably hot when I thought that this is dumb, I have this thing right here and it’s not up. In a few seconds it was shading me nicely and I felt much better out there. I'd give it an "A".  SamAL 

“I am very impressed by your product and I believe your web-site does an excellent job of reflecting the quality and benefits of the Mantis.  I purchased the Mantis for my wife who experienced heat stroke last summer on the lake during a tournament. I have never seen the Mantis displayed anywhere but we will be fishing several tournaments this year and it will be in use and on display for everyone to see.” Butch, Houston, TX 


“Thank you for your prompt reply.  Now we like your products AND service.   Nice Design!” Bill, NY


“Just received my Pro+ Mantis and I want to tell you it is great. I have it on my boat using a rod holder mount and so far just perfect in every way.”  Rob, Munhall, PA 


“Last fall I got one of your Mantis sunshades for my fairer skinned and older clients.  Our weather turned mild and I didn’t get to use it much before the end of the season.  However, now that we are in the heat of summer here in Maryland, I am using it every week.”  Ron, Guide,  MD


People ask me all the time where I got my “funny umbrella” from.  Please send me either some of your business cards, or better yet, if you have a postcard size handout or brochure of some type with pictures of the product and your web site and phone number.  Anything small I can keep in my boat to give people when they ask about the Mantis.  About a quarter inch high stack should get me through the rest of the summer."  By the way, in case you didn’t notice, I really do like my “funny umbrella”.  You guys deserve a warm fuzzy and an atta-boy for designing and manufacturing a really great product.”   Keith, Guide, PA  

 “Hi Pro-Techt, just want to commend you on a quality product.  Have recently purchased the Mantis Original Plus with Sunbrella fabric and mounted it on my Yacht’s transom.    Not seen any here in Australia, but have my yacht club colleagues very interested indeed.”  Jim, Australia


 We could go on with more testimonials, but if you are reading this, we trust you get the point! :)