Act now for a cooler, dryer, and healthier outdoor experience with the Mantis!


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Pro-Techt's Mantis, is a revolutionary portable, on-demand weather protection system that addresses traditional umbrella and boat top limitations.   Transform your Outdoors experiences with the Mantis.  Stay cool, dry, and comforatble while reducing UV and heat exposure.  "Pro-Techt" yourself, your family, friends and pets with the Mantis.  

The Mantis is a multi-application, high quality portable shade that connects to rails, seats, rod holders, umbrella stands, sidewalls, decks, etc. and stores compactly.  We invite you to join the thousands of existing Mantis owners and start experiencing the great outdoors like never before!


Our customers are using the Mantis on all types of boats:



And also for many other Outdoor Applications including: 




► Has virtually Unlimited Angle Adjustment. 

Deploys and Retracts in Seconds.

Stores Compactly (38" x 6" x 5").

Connects Almost Anywhere with 14 mounting options (sold separately).

Is Highly Portable and Lightweight, Quickly Attaching to Multiple Locations.

► Offers an Aerodynamic Design which Resists Wind and Eliminates Heat Pockets building under the shade.

►Offers a Sleek and Attractive Design which complements your investment in your décor or boat.

►Provides a Personalized Shade Experience, but can be "clustered" to cover a larger area.

Minimally interferes with fishing and other outdoor activities.

► Is Built to Last and Endure the Elements and Uses Only Quality Materials and Construction and Offers a Lifetime Frame Warranty.


With Pro-Techt's Mantis you get the Protection and Comfort you want, When and Where you want it!



Mantis Models and Mounts   

First, Thank you! for your interest in Pro-Techt's Mantis line.  We hope you enjoy your visit to our site. If you decide to purchase a Mantis, we are confident that it will transform your outdoor experiences and provide you with years of reliable service.  If you ever have questions or require additional assistance please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


Mantis Model Groups

As the diagram below shows, the Mantis comes in a variety of vertical heights, with Pro models offering height adjustabiity and Plus Models featuring genuine marine Sunbrella soluton dyed acylic fabric.



 Mantis Model Summary Matrix

Below is a summary of our Mantis Models:

 Note: All Models are approximately 55" wide x 35" deep.



Mantis Fabric Types and Colors

This section is designed to inform you on  the differences between our polyester and Sunbrella fabric options.




To learn more about Sunbrella fabrics or to see larger Color Swatches go to:


Mantis Mounting Bracket Options

Pro-Techt offers 14 Mantis Mounts enabling you a use your Mantis almost anywhere you want to, and in mutliple applications.  

All Mantis Models require a Mantis Mounting Bracket.

Any Mantis Mounting Bracket will fit any of our Mantis Models i.e. Universal Connection.

All Mantis Mounting Brackets are sold seperately (none included with the Mantis)


Selecting a Mantis Model and Mount for your Application:


Determining which Mantis Mount and Model is as easy as 1-2-3!  There are three primary decisions you will need to make when choosing the right Mantis and Mount(s) for your application(s):  


  1. Selection of your Mantis Mount(s): The first thing you need to do is determine your mounting bracket options based on where you want to use your Mantis.   Your Mounting Bracket allows you to connect your Mantis to your desired location.  We offer 14 different Mounts to allow you to connect your Mantis "almost anywhere" you want it.   


 2. Determination of the Vertical Height needed for your application(s): Which Mantis Model you select depends on the vertical height needed from where your mount attaches to above your head to ensure the Mantis has clearance.    For most applications, we recommend  6" - 2' of overhead clearance, based in part on personal preference.   We have grouped our models based on vertical height. 


3. Selection of your specific Mantis Model(s):   Model features include:  Vertical  Height, Height adustabilty, Fabric Material (Polyester or Sunbrella acrylic), Fabric Color,  Aluminum Frame finish (glossy or Matte) and Frame Color (silver or white).   Your ulitmate choices here will depend on your preferences, requirements, and budget.


To see suggested Models and Mounting options for your application click on Where to Use , or go to our Mantis Catalog which has been designed to help walk you through the selection process.      

The various links under our  "Learn More" section of our site provides a lot of addtional detailed information on the Mantis.  Our FAQ section addresses a lot of our most commonly asked questions.            

So Act Now and purchase a Mantis to beat the heat and stay cool and dry!