Unique and easy to use features to keep you comfortable and protected!

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Feature Highlights

Compact Storage

♦ Unique "Tube" design.

♦ 38"  L x 6" W  X 5" H when closed.

♦ Easily stores out of the way.

♦ Takes a minimum amount of space.

 Easy and Fast Deployment, Retraction and Attachment

♦ Quickly deploys and retracts in seconds.

♦ Attaches and removes from mounts in seconds.

 Infinite Angle Adjustment

♦ Multiple ways to adjust Mantis' angle.

♦ Easily adjusts to meet current conditions.

♦ Minimizes your exposure to the harmful and uncomfortable effects of the elements.

 Minimal Interference

♦ Easily adjusts to various sizes and angles to minimize interference with your outdoor activities.


 Universal and Multiple Mountings

♦ Innovative quick release universal connection.

♦ Move your Mantis to various mounting brackets specifically designed for use in a variety of applications including your boat, deck, dock, patio, campsite, beach ATV, riding mower, wheel chair and scooter. 

♦ Comes in various models and colors to match your budget, use, taste and requirements.

♦ Multiple adjustments to fit people of various sizes and shapes.


♦ Aerodynamic design is highly wind resistant and avoids building heat pockets under the shade.

♦ Optional Sunbrella Shade Mesh fabric for maximum wind tolerance.

 Patented Design 

♦ Attractive, functional, and highly usable.

 Personalize and Customize

♦ Optional customization to reflect your own preferences, or your company's or organization's logo, colors and brand.

 Quality Materials

♦ Constructed of light weight, rugged, durable, UV, abrasion and corrosion resistant components.

♦ Manufactured to strict standards.

 Low Maintenance and Easy Cleaning

♦ Easily removable top.

♦ Corrosion resistant anodized aluminum spines and stainless fasteners.

 Useful Accessories

♦ Handy optional carrying/storage bag.

 Lifetime Warranty and Try & Buy Offer

♦ Lifetime limited warranty.

♦ 30 day return policy.

♦ Pro-Techt is committed to providing you the best customer service in the industry.