Mantis Catalog

Welcome to Pro-Techt's Mantis Catalog!  

Contained herein is our entire Mantis product line.  We offer multple mounting brackets to connect your Mantis to the area(s) you want shade.  Our Mantis models vary by vertical height, type of fabric,  and fabric color per the chart below.  

Important: A Mantis Mount is required to use your Mantis.  All Mounts are sold separately.

To Configure Your Mantis and Mount(s):

It's as easy as 1. 2. 3!

1) First determine where you want your Mantis and choose  which mount(s) you want to use. 

2) Then determine the appropriate vertical height of your Mantis Frame.   Position yourself in the location where you intend to attach your Mount and use your Mantis. Measure from the mount location upwards to  6-18 inches above your head (clearance of Mantis overhead).

3) Then choose the correct Mantis Model based on the vertical height  and model features (see chart above for guidance).  

Then sit back and start enjoy your time outdoors comfortably and “pro-tected” from the harmful effects of the sun!

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