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Common Uses: Fits most sit-on-top kayaks.   Mount has adjustable width (15.25" - 26.5") to attach from gunnel to gunnel of your Kayak (via well nuts) behind your kayak seat to provide a connection point for your Mantis.  Our Kayak Mount is typcially used with Mantis Junior Pro/Pro Plus Models.  

Dimensions: 15.25" -  26.5" L x 3.5" W x 1" H (Height of horizontal base, Post rises 3" out of base).  Alternatively, for short gunnels you can remove the outside sliding pieces and simply use the "inside" piece (the piece with the Post welded to it) for widths of 13.75"-14.25".

Contents: 1 - Kayak Mount  (silver powder-coated aluminum) and hardware  4- SS screws and well nuts.

For more information on our Kayak Mount and using the Mantis with Kayaks click on: Kayaks
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      Mounting Instructions: click here for illustrated mounting instructions).


      1. Determine the location and Kayak Mount Width Adjustment: Before you put any holes in your boat, a very important first step it to determine where you want to locate your Mantis on your boat. The best and strongest locations for the screws to pass through are along the rails (gunnels) of the boats, so we recommend that the mount is placed in those locations. Other things to consider when locating your mount are objects you typically put in the cargo area and how they may interfere with the mount. Be sure not to install the mount too close to the seat back to prevent the Mantis' vertical strut from hitting your back. It helps to have another person hold the mount and Mantis in different locations with you sitting in the boat to find the best spot for it.

      You will notice that the mount is adjustable. There are two screws on the bottom of the mount-that when loosened, allow the outer sections of the mount to move. Adjust the mount so that the ends of the mount sit firmly on the kayak and the mounting holes are fairly centered over the rail~. Once it is adjusted properly, tighten the screws on the bottom to hold the sliding sides in place.

      If you are mounting the Mantis to any of Hobie’s tandem kayaks behind the rear position, you may not need to use the sliding sides. Loosen the bottom screw and slide the two pieces off. The center piece that is left has two sets of holes on each end for mounting.   


      2. Drill Kayak Mounting Holes: Once you -have the Kayak mount sitting in the location that you want, use a marker and place 4 dots through the holes to act as a drill guide. Take the mount off the boat and carefully drill a hole using a 3/8" drill bit in the dotted locations. NOTE: It is important to use the proper hole sized drill bit.

      3. Fasten your Mount to the Hull: Included with this kit is a small bag of mounting hardware. The 1" long rubber well nuts allow you to securely fasten the Kayak Mount to your hull without having to reach inside the kayak. Start by pressing the black well nuts into the holes that you drilled (It should be a tight fit. If it is too tight, run the drill bit through the hole a few more time to open up the hole just a little bit more.).

      Take your Kayak mount and place it over top of the well nuts that are pressed into the hull. Put the washer onto the screws and feed them through the mount into the black well nuts. Start to thread each of the screws into the well nuts before you fully tighten them down. It will take quite a few turns to get them tight, so using a power drill can help. Molded into the bottom of the well nuts is a brass nut. As you turn the screws, it pulls the nut to kayak and causes the rubber around the brass nut to expand and pull against the hull.  Once all the screws are tight on the kayak, the mount will be very secure and water tight.

      4. Install your Mantis:   Now place the Mantis assembly onto the vertical post of the bracket, and lock in place. Refer to the manual supplied with Mantis for detailed instructions.  

      Note: If you want to remove the mount, make sure to keep the well nuts in the hole and install the screws to hold them in. 


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