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Product Specifications
Choosing your Mantis Model and Mounts
Using your Mantis
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Product Specifications
Q: What are the dimensions of the fabric (shade) when the Mantis is open? 
A:  The dimensions for Fabric portion for all Mantis Models are approximately 55” W x 35” Deep. 
Q: What are the dimensions of the Mantis when it is closed?
A: Approximately 38” L x 5” W x 6” H, except for our standard Original Model which is 44”  L x 5” W x 6” H.
Q: How much does the Mantis weigh?
A: Between 4.5 –7.5 lbs. depending on the model. The taller units weigh the most.
Q: What are the material specifications for the Mantis and its Mounts?
Pro-Techt is committed to delivering high quality products and has made significant investments in design and production to ensure that:

Pro-Techt products deliver as promised.

► Hold up under a variety of environmental conditions and withstand the test of time.

► Pro-Techt manufacturing facilities follow strict quality control standards.

► Pro-Techt products have undergone extensive testing in the field.

► Pro-Techt utilizes the best materials and finishes available.

All metal components of Mantis, and its mounting brackets, are designed to withstand the severe conditions of the environment. The inherent trade off between weight and strength has carefully been considered in our design. All metal parts were selected to avoid corrosion. All of the Mantis' metal parts, and its mounting brackets, are made of powder coated 6061 aluminum or 300 grade stainless steel ensuring rust free performance. 

Mantis' fabrics were selected for their high degree of UV protection, abrasion, rot, and mildew resistance, minimal shrinkage, colorfastness, and choice of colors.   Pro-Techt offers two fabric choices,  Marine grade Sunbrella® solution dyed acrylic fabric and a marine polyester fabric.  See the table below for more information about the differences. 

Mantis' plastic parts are made of tough UV resistant Nylon 6 plastic, ensuring that these parts have the strength to support the structure and not chip, crack,  or wear.

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 Q: Can I remove my Mantis’ fabric from its frame for cleaning and/or replacement?

A: Yes, the fabric is easily and quickly removable for cleaning or replacement. Consult our manual for cleaning instructions.   Pro-Techt offers replaceable fabric sets.  Please  Contact Us for additional information or to order another fabric set.

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Q: Can I adjust the angle of my Mantis based on the angle of the sun or rain?
A: Yes, the Mantis features several angle adjustments to give you the maximum protection: 360 degree side to side, 180 degrees front to back,  360 degrees rotation on the mount. 
Choosing your Mantis Model and Mounts
Q:  Do I need a buy an Mounting Bracket for my Mantis Shade?
A: Yes. Please note that all Mantis Mounts are sold separately and no mount comes with the Mantis.   The reason for this is that we offer 14 different mounting options to give you the flexibility to give you the cover you want, when and where you want it.

Q: What are the key decisions I need to make to select the right Mantis Model and Mount for my application(s)?
 A:  The three big considerations are choosing a Mount, the vertical height of the Mantis required for your application, and the Mantis model  (and associated features) based on your requirements and budget.  
To Configue Your Mantis:

1. Select your Mantis Mount(s): The first thing you need to do is determine your mounting bracket options based on where you want to use your Mantis.   Your Mounting Bracket allows you to connect your Mantis to your desired location.  We offer 14 different Mounts to allow you to connect your Mantis "almost anywhere" you want it.   
2. Determine the Vertical Height needed for your application(s): Which Mantis Model you select depends on the vertical height needed from your mount to above your head to ensure the Mantis has clearance.    For most applications, we recommend  6" - 2' of overhead clearance, based in part on personal preference.   We have grouped our models based on vertical height. 
3. Select your Mantis Model(s):   Model feature choices include:  Vertical  Height, Height adustabilty, Fabric Material (Polyester or Sunbrella acrylic), Fabric Color.  
 Q: What Mounts and Models make up the Mantis Product line?
 A:  Please see the chart below or go to Mantis Overview for a summary of  the Mantis product line including Mounts. 

Q: What are the primary differences between your Polyester and Sunbrella® fabrics?
A: The primary difference between Sunbrella and our polyester fabric is that  solution died acrylic fabrics offer significantly greater fade resistance and durability when compared to our Polyester fabric.    Sunbrella® is the leading solution died acrylic fabric brand for Outdoor Living and Marine use.

 For more information on Sunbrella fabrics, go to:


Q: Can I order a custom fabric or color that is not one of our standard offerings?
A: Yes, we can provide other colors for an additional fee.    Please Contact Us for more information.
Q: Do your darker fabric colors throw more heat off than your lighter colors?
 A: From a user perspective, we have found that darker colors do not throw off any more noticable amount of heat than lighter fabrics.  Technically darker fabrics will hold more heat, but the Mantis' unique areodynamic design allows for air to freely flow over it and does not create heat pockets, therefore our customers have found that heat should not be a consideration when determing which color you want for your Mantis.
Using your Mantis
Q: How does the Mantis handle the wind?
 A:   Pro-Techt recognizes that wind can be a factor in many outdoor excursions. Mantis' aerodynamic canopy has been uniquely designed to minimize the impact of the wind. However, the Mantis standing alone, has not been designed to withstand high travel speeds and/or wind. Therefore Pro-Techt has provided the following specific guidelines to ensure your Mantis will provide years trouble-free comfort and protection.
The short answer is that the Mantis standing alone without additional support was designed to be used in winds up to approximately 15 mph.  Higher wind speeds can be tolerated by either providing additional support and/or leveraging our most wind resistant fabric, a tight mesh Sunbrella fabric called Sunbrella Shade.

When moving more than a 5-7 MPH, always position Mantis in the overhead position. Pro-Techt recommends and warrants using the Mantis only when combinations of travel and wind speed are 15 miles per hour or less.  Operating at travel and wind speeds greater than 12-15* mph (depends on wind) with the Mantis in the open position is not recommended and could void your warranty. 

When you want to travel at speeds in excess of 12-15 mph, Pro-Techt recommends that you close the fabric into the upper spine of Mantis, attach the fabric catch, loosen the pivot knob and swing your Mantis back so that the upper spine overlaps the lower spine and retighten the pivot knob.  This process only takes a few seconds. For marine use, we also recommend where possible, to keep the Mantis in position horizontal to the water if traveling at high speeds in rough waters.   These actions take just a few seconds to do.
See also below for our suggestions on what you can do to maximize the Mantis’ wind tolerance.
Q: What steps can I take to maximize the Mantis’ wind tolerance?
A:  You can take several actions to maximize the Mantis’ wind tolerance:
 1.    Tighten the lock nut on the one side of the lower pivot -  The lower pivot is adjustable.   There is a locknut on the one side of the lower pivot (the part with the lower knob near the base that is the source of the Mantis falling over) which can be tightened to ensure greater resistance in the wind. There is some variance here, and if the locknut is too loose, it will easily blow over.    We recommend you tighten the locknut (turn clockwise)in quarter turn increments until the lower know can still be turned to enable the Mantis to be adjusted front to back but with a little resistance in that movement.   If you don’t typically adjust the lower pivot for shade, you can actually tighten the lock nut to the point where you won’t be able to turn the knob and adjust the Mantis front to back.    This would provide the most strength in wind, but if you tighten the nut this far you will lose the front to back adjustability.
 2.   Physically secure the Mantis at another point- Many customers actually strap or tie down the Mantis. Depending on the situation, this can be done with a strap or other mechanism to physically reinforce the spine,  or by adding straps forward . . . typically by adding grommets to your fabric.   Additional support will greatly enhance the Mantis' ability to tolerate high speeds and winds.   We would recommend that for these applications you use our Sunbrella Shade Fabric offering.


 Customer Service
Q:  What is Pro-Techt’s Return Policy?
A:  Pro-Techt wants its customers to be completely satisfied. If you are dissatisfied in any way with any Pro-Techt products you purchase directly from us, you may return these products in their original undamaged condition with original packaging and proof of purchase within 30 days from the date of purchase. 
 Please know that we try to be very customer oriented and reasonable in interpreting our warranty and repair policies in the unlikely event you experience a problem. 
Upon receipt, Pro-Techt will refund your purchase price. Pro-Techt does not charge a restocking fee for products returned in clean, like new condition, but we do ask that any unit returned should be shipped prepaid to our receiving location.  Pro-Techt does reserve the right to charge a restocking fee for products returned in a damaged condition. Please go to the Customer Care section our site for more information.
Q: What is Pro-Techt’s Warranty?
A:  Your complete satisfaction with our products and company is important to us. Pro-Techt makes every effort to see to it that our products are of the highest quality and are designed to withstand the challenges associated with use in an outdoor environment.
Below is a summary of or warranty coverage. To see our complete warranty, how to make a warranty claim, and other associated customer service issues, please go to the Customer Care section our site for more information. Please know that we are very customer oriented and reasonable in interpreting our warranty and repair policies in the unlikely event you experience a problem.
LIMITED WARRANTY: Pro-Techt expressly warrants that Pro-Techt products used by the original purchaser for personal use will be free of defects in material (parts) and workmanship (labor) to the original owner for the period of time from the date of purchase as defined below:

♦ Mantis Aluminum Spines: Lifetime

♦ All Plastic Parts: One Year

♦ Screws, rivets, and other metal components: One Year

♦ Polyester Fabric: One Year 

♦ Sunbrella Marine Fabric (on Plus  (+) Models): Five Years

♦ Sunbrella Shade Fabric (on Plus (+) Models): Three Years

♦ Mounts: One Year

        Within the warranty period defined above for specific components, a unit will be tested, repaired or replaced at Pro-Techt's sole election, free of charge.
Q: Will I be able to order replacement parts for the Mantis?   
A: Of course, although it is unlikely that you will need to. Pro-Techt stands 100% behind our products. We build a high quality product with high quality components. (For example, we use a very high quality Nylon 6 plastic with some glass content so these parts rarely break). We also follow an intensive quality control process, and we really have had have had very few issues in the five + years we have been on the market.   See Quality for more information on our quality materials and processes. 

Q:   Does Pro-Techt have a customer referral program?
A: We don’t have a formal referral program, but we are open to paying a referral fee based on retail sale prices.    Please email us via Contact Us or give us a call at  888-929-9989.

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