Welcome to Pro-Techt! 

Pro-Techt was founded by serious outdoor people who are committed to designing and offering attractive, innovative, affordable, highly functional and usable products that enable and improve the outdoor experience for people who work and play in the great outdoors.

We strive to apply our extensive outdoor and product development experience into designing highly relevant, functional, and affordable outdoor products.

Pro-Techt is pleased to introduce Mantis, a revolutionary concept in portable weather protection, enabling people to enjoy the outdoors with greater safety, effectiveness and comfort.

Pro-Techt stands behind its products with a 30 day money-back guarantee and a Lifetime Limited Warranty. 
Our customers are why we exist. We are committed to providing you with cost effective, innovative quality outdoor products, backed by superior customer service.

We welcome your participation in our company and invite you to contact us at feedback@pro-techt.com about any interest, ideas or issues you may have about our company or products.

We hope our products help you more safely and comfortably enjoy the great outdoors!

Founders Message

I first conceived the idea of developing Pro-Techt's Mantis shade on one of those rainy Spring days while fishing.

The thought occurred to me that if I had some sort of innovative cover, I could get some much desired relief from the weather, and I would also have a much more enjoyable outdoor experience. 

I was not aware of a shade product that was on the market that was attractive, built to last,  and ensured that I had the protection that I wanted, when and where I wanted it.   Such a product would have to offer: portability, compact storage, quick deployment, and multiple angle adustments.  Hence, the idea for Pro-Techt was born.  

 I realized that such a product would also provide great protection and relief from the dangerous and uncomfortable effects of the sun, and would appeal to a much larger group of people and outdoor activities.   

This realization led me to define Pro-Techt's mission statement:

"To offer innovative, high value, user friendly, quality products which provide comfort and protection to enable and improve the outdoor experience for the millions of people who work and play in the great outdoors."

I took this opportunity to leave "corporate America" and founded Pro-Techt in 2002.    I hired a great design team, and we quickly set out designing a product that incorporated our targeted design elements: high quality, attractiveness, portability,  compactness,  rapid deployment, ease of use, multi-angle adustability, and multi functional (used in multiple applications).   

After a lot of hard work, critical thinking, focus groups, product devleopment, testing, more development and testing, the Mantis was "born" and we launched it it 2004.   As a testimony to the Mantis' innovation and design, we were awarded both utility and design U.S. Patents.  

Since then we have not looked back and have been blessed with many happy customers from around the world, some of whose testimonials can be found in our testimonials section of  this site.

I hope you will give our products and company a try. We have gone to great lengths to make the kind of products that make your outdoor experiences healthier and more pleasant and enjoyable.

If we are fortunate enough to have you as a customer, you have my word that Pro-Techt will back our products with best customer service available.

Enjoy your days outdoors and feel free to contact me at any time.

Calm waters,

Chuck Bishirjian

Founder & CEO